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A message from the artist, Peggy Wells:
Thank you, as always, for visiting our site!

When I discovered Hypertufa and learned how to make pieces from this simulated stone material, the experience proved to be a wonderful means of expressing my creative side and I have been HOOKED ON HYPERTUFA ever since!


We strive to provide containers and supplies that will match your style and grace your home and garden.  Let me know what meets your needs and suits your fancy!


ps: The logo is in memory of my iguana, Deuce. He was a great partner for many years!


A Little History: 
About HyperTufa:
Alpine feeding troughs and sinks used to be made from a mined stone called Tufa. Alpine gardeners discovered that these Tufa sinks and troughs were excellent containers for their tempermental plantings. But when metal replaced Tufa as the favored material for making troughs and sinks, the Tufa containers were no longer readily available. These same Alpine gardeners then set about creating an artificial stone that would serve as a replacement for the Tufa stone. They discovered that a mixture of cement, sand, vermiculite and perlite was a pretty good replica - and so they aptly named their creation "HyperTufa".

HyperTufa containers are very common in Europe but relatively unknown in the United States. If you can find them, they are very expensive. Additionally, they will usually be trough shaped and gray in color.

After experimenting with this material, I have discovered many things that it can be used for -from bird feeders to hanging wall pockets to beautiful table mounts featuring driftwood, shells, etc.  HyperTufa is the material used in making the Japanese Lanterns you see in a lot of Oriental landscapes.
I have also developed a way to color this stone in every color from hot pink to mushroom tan to a terra cotta color. It has been great fun and I made a little $$$ along the way too!

What makes HyperTufa truly special is the porosity of the stone, which allows great air circulation to the plant's root system. I have actually had plant roots attach and grow into the stone itself!  You can also make moss grow on these pieces, which makes them appear even more aged and weathered.
These pots are ideal for everything from Cactus to Orchids--everything I plant in them does wonderfully..
About me:
I have done over 500 Arts and Crafts and Home and Garden shows over the past seven years. I have taught several workshops at major city Botanical Gardens in Texas, and plan to do more in the future. My classes have always been full, and some people have had to be turned away at the door.

For those who may be interested in trying their hand at HyperTufa art, I also package and sell HyperTufa mix in gray or white. Included with the mix are complete instructions for making a 5" pot.

Need something special?  I am delighted to make custom pieces of any size or color, but try to stay under a size of 2 feet.

I would love to hear about your experiences working with HyperTufa and will gladly answer any questions you may have. You are welcome to email me!



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